Ingrown Eyelashes Eye Magnifier


This video is about a wonderful product that helps you to help yourself with all your eye care.

You really can remove your own ingrown eyelashes yourself…anywhere, and at any time…. even in the dark.

If your eyesight is poor you will NOT believe the magnification and the clarity with which you can see your eyelashes using this unique instrument. The lighting is brilliant and you can see every section of your eye.

It can be used to help you to apply your eye makeup and false eyelashes too. Nothing worse than your glasses getting in the way when you are trying to do your eye makeup and without your glasses, you usually can’t see a thing.
BUT with the Own Eye Magnifier you can see your eye and every eyelashes better in the mirror lens WITHOUT your glasses on.
I didn’t believe it until I tried it myself either but it really is amazing! I use my Magnifier daily to check for those annoying and painful ingrowing eyelashes.

I HONESTLY haven’t had ANYONE else remove eyelashes for me for years now, I do it myself.

It is truly an astounding product and pays for itself in no time!

I couldn’t tell you how much time, money and frustration I have saved since I received my Own Eye Magnifier. The independence it has given me is SO precious. My eyelashes still grow inwards BUT the difference is I can now take care of them myself.

It can also be used to help you to apply eye medication.I recently had to use eye ointment and my eye was swollen which made it difficult to see exactly where to put the ointment but I could see clearly in the Magnifier.

There are so many uses for it that I’m still finding new uses.

I don’t wear contact lenses myself but a friend uses her Own Eye Magnifier to help her to see those tiny markings on her lenses. She tells me it takes no time at all to insert her contact lenses now. It used to be painstakingly slow task because she just couldn’t see the marks to indicate the top of the lenses.

Please watch the video and leave your comments below. You really will love this product.

Ingrown Eyelash seen in the dark…yes it is true.

Own Eye Magnifier for all eye care.

Own Eye Magnifier.
Clearly superior for all eye care needs.

Last night I had trouble sleeping, not only because it was a hot night BUT because there was one pesky eyelash sticking into my eye! I tried to ignore it but it would NOT be ignored.
I’m sure it has happened to you too and it is so painful.
My husband was fast asleep and I didn’t want to wake him by switching on the light. I reached for my Own Eye Magnifier and placed it on the dressing table. No electricity needed as it has it’s own battery operated lights which worked brilliantly. Within a few seconds I’d located the annoying eyelash and removed it quickly and safely.
Even I was surprised that I could see the eyelash so CLEARLY and IN THE DARK !.

I didn’t have to wake anyone else in the house and was able to remove the eyelash straight away.
I do check my eyelashes every night but somehow I missed this one little “lurker”. It feels like a pin sticking in your eye so can’t be ignored all night.
I was so grateful that I was able to remove it straight away because I know I wouldn’t have slept at all.
Luckily my husband didn’t even stir!
Don’t know about you but when I have an ingrown eyelash…even just one…it can cause these almost acid like tears which do NOT stop until that eyelash is removed. It is really uncomfortable not to mention the constant red eyes….not a good look.

I use a salt water solution to bathe my eyes when they are irritated…it helps a lot, especially as I am allergic to most eye drops.
I use 1/8 teaspoon of salt dissolved well in a cup of warm water. It is very soothing!
Use an eye bath and pour the solution into the eye bath but DO NOT dip into the solution and always rinse the eye bath thoroughly in hot water each time so you don’t spread germs from one eye to the other.
I don’t share my eye bath either…have one for each family member.

Hope this information helps you.

Ingrown Eyelashes/ Trichaisis remove eyelashes yourself, safely

Trying to remove ingrown eyelashes.

Is this how you try to remove your own ingrown eyelashes?

There is a SIMPLE solution that brings INSTANT relief from Trichaisis / Ingrown Eyelashes.

See EVERY eyelash , even the fine white ones in fantastic detail.Ingrowing eyelashes
If you can see what you are doing and you have a steady hand, you really CAN do it yourself SAFELY, WHEN and WHERE you need to, no waiting for someone else to “fit you in”… INSTANT RELIEF is available now!
I know it is possible, because I have been removing my own ingrown eyelashes myself for years!
I have chronic trichaisis/ ingrowing eyelashes and honestly the only solution available is to remove them.
The convenience of being able to get INSTANT relief from painful ingrown eyelashes and to avoid medical procedures is wonderful.
You really can see so much detail in the Own Eye Magnifier that eyelashes that grow erratically are no longer a problem for you.

When you can SEE them you can REMOVE them…simple as that!

The lights shine across the eyes so that each eyelash is clearly visible making the seemingly impossible task, now possible. It even comes with a great pair of safely modified tweezers and in case you have problems closing one eye at a time, included is a Dominant Eye Shield.
Some people have a very dominant eye which takes over, making it hard for you to see the non dominant eye. If you are right handed for example, your right eye is often dominant and when you try to look into your left eye, the right one tries to take over. With the Dominant eye shield in place on the Magnifier that problem disappears like magic!
You CAN remove your own ingrown eyelashes safely at home or at work, even when you are travelling or are away on holidays, as no electricity is needed. The Own Eye Magnifier is small yet ever so powerful, so it will easily fit into your luggage.

Hundreds of people all over the World have bought it, proving that it really does work. There are fantastic testimonials on the website to recommend the Own Eye Magnifier. Take a look, you will be delightfully surprised at the words of others.
It TRULY is without equal! There is NO other product dedicated to Eye Care problems anywhere …we know we also searched.
It REALLY works.
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Help for Ingrown Eyelashes/ Trichaisis

This Testimonial came today from a GRATEFUL customer of the Own Eye Magnifier. It speaks for itself.
Too many people suffer Ingrown Eyelashes/ Trichaisis and are in the hands of others to make their eyes less painful and their lives less frustrating.
We really CAN take control of our own Ingrown Eyelashes… we CAN remove them ourselves when and where we need to, using this fantastic instrument.
My Ophthalmologist used to charge me $90 a visit and that was many years ago, so the Own Eye Magnifier pays for itself by saving you just THREE visits!
Imagine the time and money you save not to mention the pain! Truly a blessing!
ingrown eyelash removal
Today’s Testimonial

“I had an appointment booked to have electrolysis to my ingrowing
eyelashes and the ophthalmologist cancelled the procedure because there
were none actually sticking into my eye at the time. Several days later
– at the weekend (!) I noticed the inevitable scratchy eye – and could
actually see one offending lash being swept across my eyeball every time
I blinked! I had previously had some removed by both optometrist and
ophthalmologist so I knew it had to be removed – but how exactly?? In
desperation, I managed to eventually grab it with some splinter forceps
(NOT a good idea!) with my glasses on and head at a very odd angle and
pulled it out from behind my glasses! I then went searching online for
a better method, found the own Eye Magnifier Mirror and bought it. When
it arrived about 4 days later – I had it opened and set up within 10
minutes and discovered and pulled 3 more offending lashes – without my
glasses on and being able to see them incredibly clearly!

I am so pleased that I won’t be forever waiting for appointment times or being
dependent on other people to do this for me in the future!
Thanks you very much!!”

-from NSW Australia 20th Oct 2014

Have a look at the website

Own Eye Magnifier Uses

Own Eye Magnifier for all eye care.

Clearly superior for all eye care needs.

Instant relief from Ingrown Eyelashes/ Trichaisis

Ingrowing eyelashesingrown eyelash removalThere is INSTANT RELIEF available from your ingrown eyelashes / trichaisis!

You CAN remove them yourself as long as you have a steady hand.

There is a wonderful instrument that enables you to see your own eye and eyelashes clearly and huge, even without wearing your glasses. Those tiny fine white eyelashes can be seen clearly with absolutely NO distortion.

No need to suffer the pain of ingrown eyelashes any longer…there is a simple and inexpensive solution.
The Own Eye Magnifier has the MOST powerful magnifier mirror lens on the market. Hundreds of people from all over the World use it to help them see to remove their own ingrown eyelashes.
It is small and is totally portable, with no electricity needed.
I have searched for years to find something…ANYTHING to help me with this frustrating and painful problem and there was just nothing that worked until NOW. It is a fantastic product!

The only solution that works for ingrown eyelashes is to remove them as they grow.
It is an ongoing problem as eyelashes GROW back so needs an easy and repeatable solution!

Lots of people say that the other solutions offered to them by Eye Professionals for their ingrown eyelashes, are rarely permanent and eyelashes DO grow back.
Those solutions always involve medical procedures and often are very painful. Don’t know about you but if I went through the pain of having any of these procedures done, I would really want them to be a ONE OFF procedure. I have heard some scary stories about these medical OR surgical procedures and have decided they are NOT for me.

There really is a simple answer to avoid those medical procedures.

My Husband was talked into one of these so called “painless and simple procedures” by his Eye Professional and he said it was THE single most painful thing he’s ever endured and it had to be repeated twice as the stitches came undone, so even MORE pain! It has left him with one eye smaller than the other and an eye that doesn’t open fully! Very disappointing to say the least and now on top of it all, the eyelashes are already growing back! NOT a success at all and certainly not something he’d recommend to anyone else. He really wishes he’d never had it done!

I manage my own chronic ingrown eyelashes myself by using my Own Eye Magnifier everyday to check for errant eyelashes and so that I can see to remove them. The bright and rotatable lights are fantastic as well as safe.
I can see every area of my eye…even those hard to see inner corners.
My eyesight is really poor so if I can see well, then you will be able to see too.

It truly is the best thing I own and the tweezers that came with it are brilliant with rounded ends and ever so safe!
My Eye Professional says he is happy for me to remove my own ingrown eyelashes and he says it is perfectly safe to remove your own eyelashes provided that you have a steady hand and can really clearly see what you are doing. Works for me and I can’t tell you the amount of time and suffering it has saved me for years now, I take the little devils out when I need to. I can even take my Own Eye Magnifier with me on holiday.
It really is THE answer! It’s Own Eye Magnifier, you won’t believe how well it magnifys your eye…. have a look at the website

Eye Makeup- is it causing eye problems?




Millions of women put on their eye makeup every morning without even thinking about it. Is it possible that eye makeup could be causing your eye problems?
While most Eye Professionals agree that eye makeup is not going to harm your eyes, safe health practices must be followed.

*If you have been using the same mascara for over a year it is possible that your mascara could be introducing bacteria onto your eyelashes. If it is drying up or more than a year old, do your eyes a favour and throw it out! Time for a new mascara.

*Same goes for your eye shadows, it may be your favourite colour but it too could be harbouring bacteria if over a year old. Not worth risking problems with your eyes is it? Treat yourself to a new “favourite” colour. To cut down the spread of germs, you could use a fresh cotton bud every time you apply eye shadow. Throw it out after you use it on each eye and you won’t spread bacteria.

*Eyeliner may also be a problem if it is old or IF you place your eyeliner on the inside rim of eyelids. You could easily poke your eye or the eyeliner ingredients could irritate your eyes.

*NEVER share eye make up as everyone’s eyes are different and you may be sharing more than makeup!

*Always clean off all your eye makeup before going to bed, just a simple step to help keep your eyes healthy. It is easy to rinse your face in the shower but far better to remove eye makeup properly, to maintain eye health.

*It is simply being aware when putting anything on your eyes or eyelashes. Be thoughtful of safe eye health practices and you will not have any eye issues when it comes to making up your eyes.

If your eyesight is not great and you find you can’t see well enough without your glasses to apply your eye makeup neatly, have a look at the Own Eye Magnifier. It may be just what you need, it really will help. Website

Ingrown Eyelashes new website to help

Trying to remove ingrown eyelashes.

Is this how you try to remove your own ingrown eyelashes?

DON’T struggle like this.
There IS help for painful ingrown eyelashes! Introducing a new website called which is dedicated to helping people take control of their own ingrowing eyelashes. It IS possible to remove your own painful ingrown eyelashes SAFELY when you can see your eye & eyelashes in such fabulous detail.

 How to remove ingrown eyelashes.

Removing ingrown eyelashes.

Eye Professionals say it IS safe when you can see what you are doing, as long as you DO NOT have shaky hands AND that you use safe tweezers.The tweezers that come with the Magnifier are just brilliant, with safely rounded ends and tips that really grasp even tiny lashes. They really work!
Two leading Eye Professionals from USA, Randall Thomas and Ron Melton, freely endorse and promote the Own Eye Magnifier mirror all over the world. They lecture and promote this wonderful instrument to fellow Eye Professionals world wide. Saying that the image seen in the Magnifier is fantastic!

I have had chronic ingrown eyelashes/ medical name trichaisis, for over 30 years BUT for many years now I have been removing my own problem eyelashes SAFELY myself, with absolutely NO problems or side effects whatsoever. I use my Own Eye Magnifier mirror to check and remove my problem eyelashes every day. I have very poor eyesight so without my glasses, my world is a total blur and see absolutely NO detail, just colours and shapes.

Using the Own Eye Magnifier mirror I honestly can see every eyelash, even those tiny white ones that cause constant irritation. The darker thicker ingrown eyelashes feel like pins in my eye but the fine ones are very annoying, giving a constant feeling of something in the eye. I “listen” to my eyes and if they are watering and feeling sore there WILL be an ingrown eyelash SOMEWHERE. The relief when that lash is finally removed is SO great…but to be able to remove it when I need to…THAT feeling is indescribable! I am in control now.

It is unbelievable that something as tiny as an eyelash can cause so many people to have so many problems BUT they do. The ONLY solution to prevent eye damage is to remove the ingrown eyelashes … while other, so called “solutions” offered, are usually not permanent, eyelashes DO GROW BACK. It is a frustrating problem.

Many people tell me that they’ve had procedures that were painful, but low and behold those persistent problem eyelashes are back in no time. One lady told me that she had to repeat the whole painful procedure again in 6 weeks! That is just NOT worth the pain.
My husband was told that he needed, QUOTE “a painless simple procedure” that would rectify a lower eyelid that was turning inwards, which in turn caused a few eyelashes to grow inwards. He had been successfully using the Own Eye Magnifier to help him remove his problem ingrown eyelashes but was convinced by the Ophthalmologist to have this “simple painless procedure”. My husband said it was THE most painful thing he’d ever endured …worse still, the stitches came apart and had to be restitched. Second time it hurt EVEN more! The THIRD time the stitches came apart, he did NOT, (needless to say) have it restitched! Right after the first laser procedure his eye looked much smaller and still does. He would never recommend it to anyone. You have to do your research and make your own decisions based on those findings.
Please have a look at my new website and give me your opinion. I really value your comments.

Ingrown Eyelashes Help

Eye seen in the Own Eye Magnifier HELP for INGROWN EYELASHES

There IS help if you have Ingrown Eyelashes!

The Own Eye Magnifier mirror  allows you to see your own eye CLOSE UP and with such CLARITY that you won’t believe your eyes! Amazing but true!

If your eyesight is good OR rather poor, you will be able to see even tiny white eyelashes in this wonderful mirror lens.

Every eyelash is clearly visible.  The excellent LED lighting illuminates exactly where it’s needed and the lights can be adjusted to shine across all of the eye, so any ingrown eyelashes are not a problem. WITHOUT your glasses on, you CAN SEE tiny eyelashes.

Providing that you have a steady hand, you will be able to remove your own ingrown eyelashes whenever you need to OR where ever your are….NO more waiting for appointments for someone else to do it for you.

I speak from years of experience! Waiting for appointments can be an agonising time.  I have not had anyone remove my ingrown eyelashes for many years now…I do it myself using my Own Eye Magnifier mirror and I can never begin to tell you the freedom AND relief it gives me.

Suffering chronic ingrowing eyelashes, it is a daily chore to check or remove lashes OR I am in pain all day or all night. It is amazing that something so tiny can cause SO much pain but they really do. Do your eyes constantly water and look red? Ingrown eyelashes could be one of the causes. It could also be dry eye….ironic since the eyes water constantly!

Over the years I have been to Eye Specialists who remove the eyelashes for me but it is a sad fact that there is NO cure. All treatments offered are NOT permanent as eyelashes just grow back. As I age, they seem to grow even more quickly…one more of the “unwelcome perks” of being a Baby Boomer???

We have been told some horror stories of the “procedures” offered as a cure or a help for ingrowing eyelashes that just do NOT work, but a clever device that helps you, surely is worth looking into (NO pun intended).

Eyesight is precious and eyelashes growing into your eye can cause permanent damage as well as being a painful nuisance.  Have a look at this photo I found on Google which shows lots of lashes growing into the eye…it gives you some idea what it is like.

Because of my chronic condition,  I often remove as many as 20 or more lashes myself, as even just one causes so much irritation!

Unfortunately eyelashes grow back quickly but it is an easy matter of checking and removing them any time using the powerful mirror lens and the SPECIAL eyelash tweezers that are supplied in the free kit that comes with the Own Eye Magnifier.

It takes no time at all and the relief is sheer bliss!

I have suffered this problem for over 30 years so am quite experienced. Honestly, I use my Own Eye Magnifier mirror every single day …. I really couldn’t manage without it now. The convenience of being totally independent of my Eye Professional or GP and being able to attend to my ingrowing lashes as soon as they appear FAR outweighs the price of the Own Eye Magnifier.  One lady told me that she had to resort to spending 4 hours in the Emergency Department of her hospital to have eyelashes removed because she was just SO frantic!

If you visit the website and scroll down the many testimonials, you will discover that it has helped numerous people around the world….from USA, Canada, New Zealand, UK, Malaysia, Brazil, Saudi Arabia and Poland as well as here in Australia. They are all SO grateful that they found this incredible product.

It can be used for many other eye care problems too: eye make up application; contact lens insertion and removal; eye first aid; all eye care and all types of eye medication application.

You really won’t believe how good it is until you see it for yourself. I’m happy to answer any questions you may have, so please ask.

Eye problems all of my life



For most of my 60 plus years I have struggled with eye problems. From the age of 4, I have worn glasses so without them my world is a total blur….no details… just colours and shapes!

I have had  most eye problems from styes when I was a child,then chalazion, to blepharatis, dry eyes and trichaisis so I do understand most eye problems….I live them.

In my 30’s I began having trouble with ingrown eyelashes…a curse that never goes away.

No cure available…. just remove the eyelashes as they grow. Easier said than done, as to get an appointment with my Eye Specialist sometimes took weeks so I’d resort to seeing my GP or my Optometrist for their help.  I’m sure I wore out my welcome with them as I was “a regular“, as much a nuisance to them as to myself. A Specialist at Sydney Eye Hospital said “you may have to have all your eyelashes removed”. My reaction was “don’t they just grow back?” the answer came back “yes…but it takes a while!”  That was just NOT acceptable!

My eyes were always red and so sore. I have had it described to me as “like a toothache in the eye” and that comes pretty close, suffice to say that us sufferers with ingrown eyelashes always feel that there is something in the eyes….with those short ingrown eyelashes feeling just like pins. It is NASTY and painful not to mention being an ongoing problem. As you can imagine, when desperate you try everything to get those eyelashes out.

Then along comes my hero Roy.

After seeing me continually battle with this issue, he started working on something to help me to remove my own eyelashes. It was a hard thing to do!  Everyone said it was not possible to make a mirror that magnifies SO well that you can see even tiny white eyelashes with your glasses OFF…especially when the person’s eyesight was very poor. Luckily Roy did not listen nor did he stop trying and eventually he overcame all those hurdles to come up with a wonderful solution for my problem and by developing the Own Eye Magnifier instrument, he is helping so many other people as well.

It can be used for all types of eye care, the detail you can see in it, is truly amazing.

I use my Magnifier Mirror every single day, either to check for eyelashes growing inwards or to remove them myself.  I can honestly say that my wonderful husband really did save my eyes!

He can take anything from me…my iron, my microwave, even the oven BUT he can never take away my Own Eye Magnifier. If I go away, even overnight it comes with me!

To be able to remove my own eyelashes…even if it is midnight…is the most precious thing as some eyelashes hurt even when you close your eyes.

So if you have any eye care issues, please have a look at this fantastic product, it REALLY does work.

Be open minded,there is a NEW model, it is Australian Made, and it TRULY WORKS.

Kind regards, Margaret

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