7 Simple things you can easily do to care for your eyes.

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Our eyesight is one of our most precious gifts. It is essential that you take care of your eyes and the eyes of your loved ones.


Our aim is to provide you with up to date information, tips and useful products to help you to care for your eyes.

 We focus on your eye care needs.


If you have any questions regarding eye care problems or eye products please write to us and we will do our best to obtain answers for you.

We are not experts ourselves but do have access to Professional people who are willing to answer your questions.


The information we are providing is to be used as suggestions only. Please check with an Eye Specialist or Eye Professional.


There are a lot of people with various eye care problems that may sometimes be helped by simple steps. There are general things we can do to help avoid undue eye problems.


Of course, if you have serious eye problems, an Eye Specialist or Professional must attend to these conditions without delay.


There are lots of us who have constantly sore irritated eyes for one reason or another. We often work in air–conditioned offices, spending hours at computer screens straining our eyes in the process. We often forget to do simple things like blink regularly or drink water to keep ourselves plus our eyes properly hydrated. Even if you work outdoors hot sun, wind, dry conditions and dust can irritate eyes.

There are many areas where our eyes are vulnerable.


The good news is there are simple steps we can take to help our eyes.


7 Simple Things you can easily do to care for your Eyes.


1.     Get your eyes checked regularly.  Eye Professionals suggest having eyes checked every 2 years, especially after you turn 40.


2.     Drink more water to hydrate your eyes as well as your body.


3.     Blink or rest your eyes more frequently, especially while reading, watching television or when using the computer. Blinking helps prevent evaporation of the tear film that protects the eyes.


4.     Change your focus periodically while reading, doing close work such as sewing, while watching television or working at the computer. When driving for long stretches alternate between close  and distant objects for less eye fatigue. Changing focus by looking at another object a distance away helps your eye muscles and helps prevent eyestrain.


5.     Eat a balanced healthy diet with plenty of fresh red, yellow and orange fruit and vegetables that are especially high in Vitamins necessary for good eye health. Eating dairy foods, nuts, whole grains, fish and fish oil, lean meat and liver seems to be more effective than nutritional supplements. ** NB. Overuse of some vitamin supplements in addition to these foods, may result in toxicity. Ask a professional for advice.


6.     Wear sunglasses outdoors in bright sunshine, also when there is  glare from the sun or snow and on a windy day. Wrap around glasses are particularly good. ** NB. Always avoid looking directly into the sun, especially through binoculars etc.


7.     Wear protective eyewear or goggles when in the workshop or when cutting the grass, edge trimming, tree trimming etc and also when doing any activity at home or work where there is flying debris.








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Hey, nice post, very well written. You should blog more about this.

Thank you for the great comment.
I am going to blog about eye care and useful products.

I have had eye problems for many years so have a good deal of personal experience.
My biggest issue is ingrowing eyelashes (trichiasis)but blepharitis and dry eye also bother me. I have come in contact with lots of people with the same types of problems with their eyes. My idea is to share information so that we can all benefit when someone finds something that works.
To be informed is so very important and could save more problems in later life. I wish that I had known about the repercussions of simple proceedures that were performed on my eyelids by a well meaning GP, around 30 years ago. If I’d known at the time, then perhaps I would have thought twice before agreeing and thereby saving myself a lot of suffering with eyelashes that now grow under my eyelid where these 3 proceedures were undertaken and where eyelashes would not normally ever grow.

Having had styes as a child also could have influenced the abnormal eyelash growth in later life.
From discussions I have had with other people, we mostly seem to have things in common which may have resulted in our present eye problems.
Discussing it all openly may result in others at least being well informed, and that is my aim.
Kind regards, Margaret

Hey, great post, very well written. You should write more about this.

Cool post, just subscribed.

It is also important to have an eye health exam every year. Look for a local eyedoctor in your area.

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