Ingrowing Eyelashes are a pain!

INGROWING EYELASHES are a PAIN!close up blue eye

 Anyone with ingrown eyelashes knows this is SO true!

Constant rubbing of those eyelashes can cause serious damage to your eye.

The frustration of having something in your eye constantly and not being able to remove it, is intense.

I have had chronic trichiasis ( the fancy name for Ingrowing Eyelashes) for many many years so I do know what all of my fellow sufferers are going through. I have Distichiasis also which is basically two rows of eyelashes with sometimes two lashes growing from the same follicle, and most of  this second row grow towards my eye (of course).

 two eyelashes view in OEM

These problem eyelashes often are white and very fine, so seeing them against the white of the eye is a challenge.  You can see a fine white eyelash here next to a normal one for comparison. Photo was taken holding the  eyelashes with Ergonomic Tweezers, looking into my Own Eye Magnifier. This tiny white eyelash is hard to see even with good eyes.


My next huge challenge is that as I age  my eyesight is deteriorating too, so without my glasses on even seeing my face is a problem , let alone those tiny eyelashes! Without my glasses the World is a total blur.

It doesn’t stop there as I have dry eye and blepharitis just for good measure. So when I talk about these eye problems it is not as someone who is quoting words that I have learned BUT as someone who has lived with these eye problems and most of them for a very long time.

This blog came about because there are  lots of people having these same challenges and it is time we were able to “talk among ourselves” about eye problems and to share our knowledge and hints. Those of us suffering with eye problems often feel we are alone in our pain and that we should not make a big fuss because there are so many really ill people out there who are so much worse off  BUT eye issues DO affect our everyday lives.

To us it is a very important subject indeed! A subject worthy of discussion and comments, so please tell me what your experience has been, share it with the World and maybe we can all keep each other informed. Some of the so called “Experts” seem to want us kept in the dark so let us share hints and our stories.

We have power so let us use it!

I did promise the next blog was going to be about Dry Eye and so it will be. Coming very soon, the Dry Eye blog post.

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Great post Jon! I have been following the #p2 effort since you started it, and although I have understood its purpose this post does a really great job solidifying the full rationale. – cool!!!!

i found you by link from the Directory Listing Script from Ash.. Nice to read your blog ^.^

thanks for you site. I thought I was going mad. I think i go a couple because past I been rub my eye thinking it was hayever.

My blepharitis and dry eye problems have disappeared since
bathing my eyes with camomile tea every day. I put it in a
small plastic dropper and squeeeze it into my eyes as needed. I moisturize the eye area with camomile ointment at

Hi Kathleen,

Thanks for the tip, I will try camomile tea to see if it helps my blepharitis and dry eye. I use a very mild salt water eye bath (1/4 teaspoon in a glass of warm water) or the same amount of bi- carb soda in water instead of salt. There is also a product (a foam eyelid cleanser) called “SteriLid” by Thera Tears which I find works quite well. I think natural is the best way to go but get desperate sometimes. I am allergic to most eye drops but SteriLid isn’t too bad, though I don’t use it constantly…only when I really need it.

Thanks for the information and to know that I am not alone. My mom told me that she started looking in my eyes when I was 9 months old. My dad and sister both suffer from this. Luckily, I have met a wonderful man now my husband who is willing to check my eyes for me. I have thought for years that I have had pink eye, but I really think it has been my ingrow eyelash. I will definitely try the camomile tea to see if that helps. It is just good to know that I am not alone.

Hi Mary,
I know what a painful problem you have with your eyes but it does sound like an ingrown eyelash. My eyes get really very sore and when I’m tired I notice that they do form lots more more tears. The white of my eye often looks pink. I now use a great product to look into my own eyes so that I can see instantly if I have eyelashes growing into my eyes. I use this little magnifier mirror to see into my own eyes, which makes my eye look huge but without my glasses on I can see nothing but a blur! It is called the Own Eye Magnifier and is the best thing since sliced bread! See for yourself at
I have chronic ingrown eyelashes and was always having them removed by an Eye Specialist or Optometrist or GP
depending on who I could see the soonest! Ingrown eyelashes make life a misery until they are removed. I can now remove ingrown eyelashes myself any time I need to and anywhere so if I am going to be away from home my Own Eye Magnifier is the first thing I pack, I can’t live without it. After suffering with trichaisis (ingrowing eyelashes) for over 20 years, to be able to do it myself is wonderful and so much more convenient. I check my lashes most mornings so that I won’t have a problem during the day. Unless you have the problem yourself,you have no idea how painful it is nor how frustrating it is not to be able to see the lashes to remove them. In the eye magnifier I can see the fine white ones too which seem more prevalent as I get older unfortunately. You are definitely not alone with this annoying problem as there are lots of us. I use the mild salt water bath (1/4 teaspoon salt to a glass of warm water) quite effective to soothe my eyes and to help with removing the crustiness on my eyelids but I do find SteriLid by Thera Tears also helps. The only way to sort the ingrown eyelash unfortunately is to remove it. Good luck and I hope this information helps you Mary.

I have a small white eyelash right now! It is growing toward my eye ball and not straight out like the regular lashes
.I was also diagnosed with blepharitis.The hot compresses and drops don’t work very well as I am now developing a pterygium even though I never go in the sun.Glad to see I am not the only one with a white eyelash.I was a bit freaked out what it could be lol.

Hi Shannon,
The only way to get relief is to remove the eyelash as even the fine white ones irritate the eye and any eyelash rubbing on the eye surface can damage it. I have found a great product for blepharitis. It is SteriLid by Thera Tears, it is a foam that you rub onto your eyelashes and works for me. It is available in USA and here in Australia.
I also use a wonderful instrument to help me remove my own eyelashes, it is called Own Eye Magnifier make my eyelashes look huge so I can take them out myself with the help of good tweezers which they also sell. Website is have a look, it is worth every cent I paid. Saves me lots of trips to the Eye Specialist. I use mine almost every day to check for ingrowing eyelashes., it is SO convenient.

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