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For most of my 60 plus years I have struggled with eye problems. From the age of 4, I have worn glasses so without them my world is a total blur….no details… just colours and shapes!

I have had  most eye problems from styes when I was a child,then chalazion, to blepharatis, dry eyes and trichaisis so I do understand most eye problems….I live them.

In my 30’s I began having trouble with ingrown eyelashes…a curse that never goes away.

No cure available…. just remove the eyelashes as they grow. Easier said than done, as to get an appointment with my Eye Specialist sometimes took weeks so I’d resort to seeing my GP or my Optometrist for their help.  I’m sure I wore out my welcome with them as I was “a regular“, as much a nuisance to them as to myself. A Specialist at Sydney Eye Hospital said “you may have to have all your eyelashes removed”. My reaction was “don’t they just grow back?” the answer came back “yes…but it takes a while!”  That was just NOT acceptable!

My eyes were always red and so sore. I have had it described to me as “like a toothache in the eye” and that comes pretty close, suffice to say that us sufferers with ingrown eyelashes always feel that there is something in the eyes….with those short ingrown eyelashes feeling just like pins. It is NASTY and painful not to mention being an ongoing problem. As you can imagine, when desperate you try everything to get those eyelashes out.

Then along comes my hero Roy.

After seeing me continually battle with this issue, he started working on something to help me to remove my own eyelashes. It was a hard thing to do!  Everyone said it was not possible to make a mirror that magnifies SO well that you can see even tiny white eyelashes with your glasses OFF…especially when the person’s eyesight was very poor. Luckily Roy did not listen nor did he stop trying and eventually he overcame all those hurdles to come up with a wonderful solution for my problem and by developing the Own Eye Magnifier instrument, he is helping so many other people as well.

It can be used for all types of eye care, the detail you can see in it, is truly amazing.

I use my Magnifier Mirror every single day, either to check for eyelashes growing inwards or to remove them myself.  I can honestly say that my wonderful husband really did save my eyes!

He can take anything from me…my iron, my microwave, even the oven BUT he can never take away my Own Eye Magnifier. If I go away, even overnight it comes with me!

To be able to remove my own eyelashes…even if it is midnight…is the most precious thing as some eyelashes hurt even when you close your eyes.

So if you have any eye care issues, please have a look at this fantastic product, it REALLY does work.

Be open minded,there is a NEW model, it is Australian Made, and it TRULY WORKS.

Kind regards, Margaret

OEM slide video





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Eye related Problems are common in adults and old age people’s.There are many diseases which can be happened to old age people. the basic key here is to go for regular eye checkups. maintaining high level of diet will help you.

Hi Bredon, Thank you for your comments. I do have regular eye check ups actually had one three weeks ago and we have a good diet with lots of vegetables. I have suffered the ingrown eyelash problem for over 30 years so was not always age related. I don’t consider 64 “old age” but I guess it depends on the person. I have been wearing glasses since I was 4 years old but I can still do fine embroidery etc so not affected too badly….yet.
With my Own Eye Magnifier I can see to remove my eyelashes any time I need to and can also see to check my eyes for blepharitis and similar problems.

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