Ingrown Eyelashes Help

Eye seen in the Own Eye Magnifier HELP for INGROWN EYELASHES

There IS help if you have Ingrown Eyelashes!

The Own Eye Magnifier mirror  allows you to see your own eye CLOSE UP and with such CLARITY that you won’t believe your eyes! Amazing but true!

If your eyesight is good OR rather poor, you will be able to see even tiny white eyelashes in this wonderful mirror lens.

Every eyelash is clearly visible.  The excellent LED lighting illuminates exactly where it’s needed and the lights can be adjusted to shine across all of the eye, so any ingrown eyelashes are not a problem. WITHOUT your glasses on, you CAN SEE tiny eyelashes.

Providing that you have a steady hand, you will be able to remove your own ingrown eyelashes whenever you need to OR where ever your are….NO more waiting for appointments for someone else to do it for you.

I speak from years of experience! Waiting for appointments can be an agonising time.  I have not had anyone remove my ingrown eyelashes for many years now…I do it myself using my Own Eye Magnifier mirror and I can never begin to tell you the freedom AND relief it gives me.

Suffering chronic ingrowing eyelashes, it is a daily chore to check or remove lashes OR I am in pain all day or all night. It is amazing that something so tiny can cause SO much pain but they really do. Do your eyes constantly water and look red? Ingrown eyelashes could be one of the causes. It could also be dry eye….ironic since the eyes water constantly!

Over the years I have been to Eye Specialists who remove the eyelashes for me but it is a sad fact that there is NO cure. All treatments offered are NOT permanent as eyelashes just grow back. As I age, they seem to grow even more quickly…one more of the “unwelcome perks” of being a Baby Boomer???

We have been told some horror stories of the “procedures” offered as a cure or a help for ingrowing eyelashes that just do NOT work, but a clever device that helps you, surely is worth looking into (NO pun intended).

Eyesight is precious and eyelashes growing into your eye can cause permanent damage as well as being a painful nuisance.  Have a look at this photo I found on Google which shows lots of lashes growing into the eye…it gives you some idea what it is like.

Because of my chronic condition,  I often remove as many as 20 or more lashes myself, as even just one causes so much irritation!

Unfortunately eyelashes grow back quickly but it is an easy matter of checking and removing them any time using the powerful mirror lens and the SPECIAL eyelash tweezers that are supplied in the free kit that comes with the Own Eye Magnifier.

It takes no time at all and the relief is sheer bliss!

I have suffered this problem for over 30 years so am quite experienced. Honestly, I use my Own Eye Magnifier mirror every single day …. I really couldn’t manage without it now. The convenience of being totally independent of my Eye Professional or GP and being able to attend to my ingrowing lashes as soon as they appear FAR outweighs the price of the Own Eye Magnifier.  One lady told me that she had to resort to spending 4 hours in the Emergency Department of her hospital to have eyelashes removed because she was just SO frantic!

If you visit the website and scroll down the many testimonials, you will discover that it has helped numerous people around the world….from USA, Canada, New Zealand, UK, Malaysia, Brazil, Saudi Arabia and Poland as well as here in Australia. They are all SO grateful that they found this incredible product.

It can be used for many other eye care problems too: eye make up application; contact lens insertion and removal; eye first aid; all eye care and all types of eye medication application.

You really won’t believe how good it is until you see it for yourself. I’m happy to answer any questions you may have, so please ask.

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