Ingrown Eyelashes new website to help

Trying to remove ingrown eyelashes.

Is this how you try to remove your own ingrown eyelashes?

DON’T struggle like this.
There IS help for painful ingrown eyelashes! Introducing a new website called which is dedicated to helping people take control of their own ingrowing eyelashes. It IS possible to remove your own painful ingrown eyelashes SAFELY when you can see your eye & eyelashes in such fabulous detail.

 How to remove ingrown eyelashes.

Removing ingrown eyelashes.

Eye Professionals say it IS safe when you can see what you are doing, as long as you DO NOT have shaky hands AND that you use safe tweezers.The tweezers that come with the Magnifier are just brilliant, with safely rounded ends and tips that really grasp even tiny lashes. They really work!
Two leading Eye Professionals from USA, Randall Thomas and Ron Melton, freely endorse and promote the Own Eye Magnifier mirror all over the world. They lecture and promote this wonderful instrument to fellow Eye Professionals world wide. Saying that the image seen in the Magnifier is fantastic!

I have had chronic ingrown eyelashes/ medical name trichaisis, for over 30 years BUT for many years now I have been removing my own problem eyelashes SAFELY myself, with absolutely NO problems or side effects whatsoever. I use my Own Eye Magnifier mirror to check and remove my problem eyelashes every day. I have very poor eyesight so without my glasses, my world is a total blur and see absolutely NO detail, just colours and shapes.

Using the Own Eye Magnifier mirror I honestly can see every eyelash, even those tiny white ones that cause constant irritation. The darker thicker ingrown eyelashes feel like pins in my eye but the fine ones are very annoying, giving a constant feeling of something in the eye. I “listen” to my eyes and if they are watering and feeling sore there WILL be an ingrown eyelash SOMEWHERE. The relief when that lash is finally removed is SO great…but to be able to remove it when I need to…THAT feeling is indescribable! I am in control now.

It is unbelievable that something as tiny as an eyelash can cause so many people to have so many problems BUT they do. The ONLY solution to prevent eye damage is to remove the ingrown eyelashes … while other, so called “solutions” offered, are usually not permanent, eyelashes DO GROW BACK. It is a frustrating problem.

Many people tell me that they’ve had procedures that were painful, but low and behold those persistent problem eyelashes are back in no time. One lady told me that she had to repeat the whole painful procedure again in 6 weeks! That is just NOT worth the pain.
My husband was told that he needed, QUOTE “a painless simple procedure” that would rectify a lower eyelid that was turning inwards, which in turn caused a few eyelashes to grow inwards. He had been successfully using the Own Eye Magnifier to help him remove his problem ingrown eyelashes but was convinced by the Ophthalmologist to have this “simple painless procedure”. My husband said it was THE most painful thing he’d ever endured …worse still, the stitches came apart and had to be restitched. Second time it hurt EVEN more! The THIRD time the stitches came apart, he did NOT, (needless to say) have it restitched! Right after the first laser procedure his eye looked much smaller and still does. He would never recommend it to anyone. You have to do your research and make your own decisions based on those findings.
Please have a look at my new website and give me your opinion. I really value your comments.

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Thank you so much for kind comment re superb blog. So sorry your comment didn’t appear, I’d have loved to see it but do understand not wanting to retype it. I am a two finger typist so understand how long it takes sometimes. Glad you like my blog. Have been having computer issues so hopefully now they seem to be resolved I will write on my blog.

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