Eye Makeup- is it causing eye problems?






Millions of women put on their eye makeup every morning without even thinking about it. Is it possible that eye makeup could be causing your eye problems?
While most Eye Professionals agree that eye makeup is not going to harm your eyes, safe health practices must be followed.

*If you have been using the same mascara for over a year it is possible that your mascara could be introducing bacteria onto your eyelashes. If it is drying up or more than a year old, do your eyes a favour and throw it out! Time for a new mascara.

*Same goes for your eye shadows, it may be your favourite colour but it too could be harbouring bacteria if over a year old. Not worth risking problems with your eyes is it? Treat yourself to a new “favourite” colour. To cut down the spread of germs, you could use a fresh cotton bud every time you apply eye shadow. Throw it out after you use it on each eye and you won’t spread bacteria.

*Eyeliner may also be a problem if it is old or IF you place your eyeliner on the inside rim of eyelids. You could easily poke your eye or the eyeliner ingredients could irritate your eyes.

*NEVER share eye make up as everyone’s eyes are different and you may be sharing more than makeup!

*Always clean off all your eye makeup before going to bed, just a simple step to help keep your eyes healthy. It is easy to rinse your face in the shower but far better to remove eye makeup properly, to maintain eye health.

*It is simply being aware when putting anything on your eyes or eyelashes. Be thoughtful of safe eye health practices and you will not have any eye issues when it comes to making up your eyes.

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There’s definately a great deal to learn about this subject.
I like all of the points you have made.

Thank you for your comments Fredrick. We take eye make up for granted but need to be aware of possible problems. I haven’t been able to wear eye make up for ages due to my eyelash problems and lots of allergies.

Most makeup brands use a lot of different chemicals so it’s no surprise that some people get irritated by the products, but I never knew it as a fact till now. Thank you for sharing!

I find lots of makeup irritate my eyes. Also over the counter eyedrops!
I now use a weak saline solution. Only 1/8th teaspoon of salt to a cup of warm water bathe with an eyebath but make sure the eye bath is rinsed in hot water after each eye application.

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