Instant relief from Ingrown Eyelashes/ Trichaisis

Ingrowing eyelashesingrown eyelash removalThere is INSTANT RELIEF available from your ingrown eyelashes / trichaisis!

You CAN remove them yourself as long as you have a steady hand.

There is a wonderful instrument that enables you to see your own eye and eyelashes clearly and huge, even without wearing your glasses. Those tiny fine white eyelashes can be seen clearly with absolutely NO distortion.

No need to suffer the pain of ingrown eyelashes any longer…there is a simple and inexpensive solution.
The Own Eye Magnifier has the MOST powerful magnifier mirror lens on the market. Hundreds of people from all over the World use it to help them see to remove their own ingrown eyelashes.
It is small and is totally portable, with no electricity needed.
I have searched for years to find something…ANYTHING to help me with this frustrating and painful problem and there was just nothing that worked until NOW. It is a fantastic product!

The only solution that works for ingrown eyelashes is to remove them as they grow.
It is an ongoing problem as eyelashes GROW back so needs an easy and repeatable solution!

Lots of people say that the other solutions offered to them by Eye Professionals for their ingrown eyelashes, are rarely permanent and eyelashes DO grow back.
Those solutions always involve medical procedures and often are very painful. Don’t know about you but if I went through the pain of having any of these procedures done, I would really want them to be a ONE OFF procedure. I have heard some scary stories about these medical OR surgical procedures and have decided they are NOT for me.

There really is a simple answer to avoid those medical procedures.

My Husband was talked into one of these so called “painless and simple procedures” by his Eye Professional and he said it was THE single most painful thing he’s ever endured and it had to be repeated twice as the stitches came undone, so even MORE pain! It has left him with one eye smaller than the other and an eye that doesn’t open fully! Very disappointing to say the least and now on top of it all, the eyelashes are already growing back! NOT a success at all and certainly not something he’d recommend to anyone else. He really wishes he’d never had it done!

I manage my own chronic ingrown eyelashes myself by using my Own Eye Magnifier everyday to check for errant eyelashes and so that I can see to remove them. The bright and rotatable lights are fantastic as well as safe.
I can see every area of my eye…even those hard to see inner corners.
My eyesight is really poor so if I can see well, then you will be able to see too.

It truly is the best thing I own and the tweezers that came with it are brilliant with rounded ends and ever so safe!
My Eye Professional says he is happy for me to remove my own ingrown eyelashes and he says it is perfectly safe to remove your own eyelashes provided that you have a steady hand and can really clearly see what you are doing. Works for me and I can’t tell you the amount of time and suffering it has saved me for years now, I take the little devils out when I need to. I can even take my Own Eye Magnifier with me on holiday.
It really is THE answer! It’s Own Eye Magnifier, you won’t believe how well it magnifys your eye…. have a look at the website

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