Help for Ingrown Eyelashes/ Trichaisis

This Testimonial came today from a GRATEFUL customer of the Own Eye Magnifier. It speaks for itself.
Too many people suffer Ingrown Eyelashes/ Trichaisis and are in the hands of others to make their eyes less painful and their lives less frustrating.
We really CAN take control of our own Ingrown Eyelashes… we CAN remove them ourselves when and where we need to, using this fantastic instrument.
My Ophthalmologist used to charge me $90 a visit and that was many years ago, so the Own Eye Magnifier pays for itself by saving you just THREE visits!
Imagine the time and money you save not to mention the pain! Truly a blessing!
ingrown eyelash removal
Today’s Testimonial

“I had an appointment booked to have electrolysis to my ingrowing
eyelashes and the ophthalmologist cancelled the procedure because there
were none actually sticking into my eye at the time. Several days later
– at the weekend (!) I noticed the inevitable scratchy eye – and could
actually see one offending lash being swept across my eyeball every time
I blinked! I had previously had some removed by both optometrist and
ophthalmologist so I knew it had to be removed – but how exactly?? In
desperation, I managed to eventually grab it with some splinter forceps
(NOT a good idea!) with my glasses on and head at a very odd angle and
pulled it out from behind my glasses! I then went searching online for
a better method, found the own Eye Magnifier Mirror and bought it. When
it arrived about 4 days later – I had it opened and set up within 10
minutes and discovered and pulled 3 more offending lashes – without my
glasses on and being able to see them incredibly clearly!

I am so pleased that I won’t be forever waiting for appointment times or being
dependent on other people to do this for me in the future!
Thanks you very much!!”

-from NSW Australia 20th Oct 2014

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