Ingrown Eyelashes/ Trichaisis remove eyelashes yourself, safely

Trying to remove ingrown eyelashes.

Is this how you try to remove your own ingrown eyelashes?

There is a SIMPLE solution that brings INSTANT relief from Trichaisis / Ingrown Eyelashes.

See EVERY eyelash , even the fine white ones in fantastic detail.Ingrowing eyelashes
If you can see what you are doing and you have a steady hand, you really CAN do it yourself SAFELY, WHEN and WHERE you need to, no waiting for someone else to “fit you in”… INSTANT RELIEF is available now!
I know it is possible, because I have been removing my own ingrown eyelashes myself for years!
I have chronic trichaisis/ ingrowing eyelashes and honestly the only solution available is to remove them.
The convenience of being able to get INSTANT relief from painful ingrown eyelashes and to avoid medical procedures is wonderful.
You really can see so much detail in the Own Eye Magnifier that eyelashes that grow erratically are no longer a problem for you.

When you can SEE them you can REMOVE them…simple as that!

The lights shine across the eyes so that each eyelash is clearly visible making the seemingly impossible task, now possible. It even comes with a great pair of safely modified tweezers and in case you have problems closing one eye at a time, included is a Dominant Eye Shield.
Some people have a very dominant eye which takes over, making it hard for you to see the non dominant eye. If you are right handed for example, your right eye is often dominant and when you try to look into your left eye, the right one tries to take over. With the Dominant eye shield in place on the Magnifier that problem disappears like magic!
You CAN remove your own ingrown eyelashes safely at home or at work, even when you are travelling or are away on holidays, as no electricity is needed. The Own Eye Magnifier is small yet ever so powerful, so it will easily fit into your luggage.

Hundreds of people all over the World have bought it, proving that it really does work. There are fantastic testimonials on the website to recommend the Own Eye Magnifier. Take a look, you will be delightfully surprised at the words of others.
It TRULY is without equal! There is NO other product dedicated to Eye Care problems anywhere …we know we also searched.
It REALLY works.

Have a look at the Own Eye Magnifier website, you won’t be disappointed.

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