Ingrown Eyelash seen in the dark…yes it is true.

Own Eye Magnifier for all eye care.

Own Eye Magnifier.
Clearly superior for all eye care needs.

Last night I had trouble sleeping, not only because it was a hot night BUT because there was one pesky eyelash sticking into my eye! I tried to ignore it but it would NOT be ignored.
I’m sure it has happened to you too and it is so painful.
My husband was fast asleep and I didn’t want to wake him by switching on the light. I reached for my Own Eye Magnifier and placed it on the dressing table. No electricity needed as it has it’s own battery operated lights which worked brilliantly. Within a few seconds I’d located the annoying eyelash and removed it quickly and safely.
Even I was surprised that I could see the eyelash so CLEARLY and IN THE DARK !.

I didn’t have to wake anyone else in the house and was able to remove the eyelash straight away.
I do check my eyelashes every night but somehow I missed this one little “lurker”. It feels like a pin sticking in your eye so can’t be ignored all night.
I was so grateful that I was able to remove it straight away because I know I wouldn’t have slept at all.
Luckily my husband didn’t even stir!
Don’t know about you but when I have an ingrown eyelash…even just one…it can cause these almost acid like tears which do NOT stop until that eyelash is removed. It is really uncomfortable not to mention the constant red eyes….not a good look.

I use a salt water solution to bathe my eyes when they are irritated…it helps a lot, especially as I am allergic to most eye drops.
I use 1/8 teaspoon of salt dissolved well in a cup of warm water. It is very soothing!
Use an eye bath and pour the solution into the eye bath but DO NOT dip into the solution and always rinse the eye bath thoroughly in hot water each time so you don’t spread germs from one eye to the other.
I don’t share my eye bath either…have one for each family member.

Hope this information helps you.

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