Ingrown Eyelashes Eye Magnifier


This video is about a wonderful product that helps you to help yourself with all your eye care.

You really can remove your own ingrown eyelashes yourself…anywhere, and at any time…. even in the dark.

If your eyesight is poor you will NOT believe the magnification and the clarity with which you can see your eyelashes using this unique instrument. The lighting is brilliant and you can see every section of your eye.

It can be used to help you to apply your eye makeup and false eyelashes too. Nothing worse than your glasses getting in the way when you are trying to do your eye makeup and without your glasses, you usually can’t see a thing.
BUT with the Own Eye Magnifier you can see your eye and every eyelashes better in the mirror lens WITHOUT your glasses on.
I didn’t believe it until I tried it myself either but it really is amazing! I use my Magnifier daily to check for those annoying and painful ingrowing eyelashes.

I HONESTLY haven’t had ANYONE else remove eyelashes for me for years now, I do it myself.

It is truly an astounding product and pays for itself in no time!

I couldn’t tell you how much time, money and frustration I have saved since I received my Own Eye Magnifier. The independence it has given me is SO precious. My eyelashes still grow inwards BUT the difference is I can now take care of them myself.

It can also be used to help you to apply eye medication.I recently had to use eye ointment and my eye was swollen which made it difficult to see exactly where to put the ointment but I could see clearly in the Magnifier.

There are so many uses for it that I’m still finding new uses.

I don’t wear contact lenses myself but a friend uses her Own Eye Magnifier to help her to see those tiny markings on her lenses. She tells me it takes no time at all to insert her contact lenses now. It used to be painstakingly slow task because she just couldn’t see the marks to indicate the top of the lenses.

Please watch the video and leave your comments below. You really will love this product.

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I living in canada,ii am interestit for magnifier,what cane I do? Regards Radmir

So sorry, I didn’t see your question. If you go to http://www.owneye.comyou will see all the information you need. If you wish to order one, just click on the image on left side where it says “BUY NOW” on home page. There is a secure payment section.
Again sincere apologies for not answering before now.

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