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Ingrown Eyelashes Eye Magnifier

INTERESTING VIDEO about a PRODUCT to HELP YOU with YOUR INGROWN EYELASHES This video is about a wonderful product that helps you to help yourself with all your eye care. You really can remove your own ingrown eyelashes yourself…anywhere, and at any time…. even in the dark. If your eyesight is poor you will NOT […]

Ingrown Eyelash seen in the dark…yes it is true.

Last night I had trouble sleeping, not only because it was a hot night BUT because there was one pesky eyelash sticking into my eye! I tried to ignore it but it would NOT be ignored. I’m sure it has happened to you too and it is so painful. My husband was fast asleep and […]

Ingrown Eyelashes/ Trichaisis remove eyelashes yourself, safely

There is a SIMPLE solution that brings INSTANT relief from Trichaisis / Ingrown Eyelashes. See EVERY eyelash , even the fine white ones in fantastic detail. If you can see what you are doing and you have a steady hand, you really CAN do it yourself SAFELY, WHEN and WHERE you need to, no waiting […]

Help for Ingrown Eyelashes/ Trichaisis

This Testimonial came today from a GRATEFUL customer of the Own Eye Magnifier. It speaks for itself. Too many people suffer Ingrown Eyelashes/ Trichaisis and are in the hands of others to make their eyes less painful and their lives less frustrating. We really CAN take control of our own Ingrown Eyelashes… we CAN remove […]

Own Eye Magnifier Uses

… Powered by Cincopa Video Streaming Hosting solution.Own Eye MagnifierUses of Own Eye Magnifier: * Ingrown Eyelash removal * Contact Lens Insertion and Removal * Contact Lens Tuition tool * Eye Makeup Application * Eye Medication * Eye First Aid * All Eye CareIngrown Eyelash RemovalInstant relief from Ingrown Eyelashes. Do it yourself using Own […]

Instant relief from Ingrown Eyelashes/ Trichaisis

Eye Makeup- is it causing eye problems?

Millions of women put on their eye makeup every morning without even thinking about it. Is it possible that eye makeup could be causing your eye problems? While most Eye Professionals agree that eye makeup is not going to harm your eyes, safe health practices must be followed. *If you have been using the same […]

Ingrown Eyelashes new website to help

DON’T struggle like this. There IS help for painful ingrown eyelashes! Introducing a new website called which is dedicated to helping people take control of their own ingrowing eyelashes. It IS possible to remove your own painful ingrown eyelashes SAFELY when you can see your eye & eyelashes in such fabulous detail. Eye Professionals […]

Ingrown Eyelashes Help

HELP for INGROWN EYELASHES There IS help if you have Ingrown Eyelashes! The Own Eye Magnifier mirror  allows you to see your own eye CLOSE UP and with such CLARITY that you won’t believe your eyes! Amazing but true! If your eyesight is good OR rather poor, you will be able to see even tiny white eyelashes in this wonderful mirror […]

Eye problems all of my life

    For most of my 60 plus years I have struggled with eye problems. From the age of 4, I have worn glasses so without them my world is a total blur….no details… just colours and shapes! I have had  most eye problems from styes when I was a child,then chalazion, to blepharatis, dry […]